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Top wineries on the island of Evia / Greece

Aktualisiert: 16. Feb. 2023

Evia, 80 kilometres from the capital Athens and the second largest island in Greece after Crete, is a well‑known wine region. The scenery is hilly and mountainous and the terroir offers different soil types like clay, sand, gravel and mixes of it.

The north of the island is rather cool, while the southern part is hot, dry, and very windy ‑ similar to the Cyclades (like Santorini). The centre of the island, around the capital Chalkis, is the hottest region on the island.

The region has a mix of local and international grape varieties (white/red) like Assyrtiko, Malagousia, Roditis, Athiri, Agiorgitiko, Savatiano (mainly for Retsina), Mantilaria, Vradiano (only exists in North Evia) on the local side and Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot on the international side.

Why a wine guide about Evia? I spent parts of my childhood in Eretria/Evia and still visiting this area almost every year so I have a close connection to this island. Evia is not that spectacular and unique like others places, but very diverse in a positive way and an undiscovered beauty.

I'm very happy if you send me a message when I forgot something or have mistakes in this little guide.

New talent on the island of Evia:

Other ideas on the island of Evia:

Recommendations on the western mainland side (Ritsona):


Nr. 1

Vriniotis Winery

With mentions in Robert Parker Wine Advocate's Top 100 Wine Discoveries List 2020 and the 50 Great Greek Wine List 2020, this winery is probably the best‑known on the island. Very nicely located in the northern part of the island, this winery is definitely worth a trip. @vriniotiswinery


Nr. 2

Avantis Estate

This also well‑know winery is located 4 kilometres south of the island's capital Chalkis / Central Evia. 20 hectares of different terroir/soil types are cultivated. Wines of Avantis Estate are also be found in the current 50 Great Greek Wines 2020 and IWC London 2020 list. The winery has an outlet on the beautiful island of Santorini/Cyclades. @avantisestat


Nr. 3

Lykos Winery

You find the Lykos winery in Malakonta, 4 kilometres north of the village of Eretria with its ferry port and archeological museum/excavations. The Lykos vineyards are located in central and southern Evia. They also receives grapes from other parts of Central Greece and the famous Nemea area in the Peloponnese. @lykoswinery


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